From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Jane says, "Hit the reset button this summer"

Summer months are like reset buttons for the rest of the year. Around the world, summer seasons are recognized as opportunities to shift gears, make changes and make memories. I can imagine a book where each summer of our lives has its own unique theme and chapter. As a child, time moved slowly and summer days were long. As a young adult, the pace of life began to speed up but the summer months still formed a distinct bridge between May and September. Now, as a seasoned adult, the summer months whirl by so quickly that I have to slow down in order not to miss them and I have to take specific steps to make them memorable. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

In a matter of weeks, the summer will end and work days will once again grow longer. For now, life is like a carnival with all kinds of interesting things going on around us. Some are free, some cost money, some are active, and others are more relaxing. When this summer is over and you give it a theme, how will you describe this chapter in your book?

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