From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Dr. Jane: "I'm having a super-sized Thanksgiving!"

Not long ago, my Father became very ill following a prolonged sinus infection and was eventually sent to the hospital. Upon hearing this news, life as I knew it was literally put on hold. I left town within hours, cancelled huge blocks of time from my schedule, and became totally immersed in my parents’ struggle to survive. Without a doubt, I knew that if there was ever a time when my parents needed me, this was it. And so, for the next 12 days, I divided my time between caring for my Father in the hospital and caring for my Mother at home. Gratefully, at this writing, Dad is back home and recuperating. Here were a few of my thoughts along the way.

This year, it feels like Thanksgiving began a lot earlier for me. Life does look a little different after you have stared death in the face. But at that very vulnerable time, I began to feel thankful for every gesture of support from our family, friends, professional care-givers and medical folks. Literally, simple words of kindness easily brought me to tears.  I began to value small acts of courtesy from members of the hospital staff, from neighbors, and even from courteous drivers on Florida highways! But of all the memories from that long two weeks, the one I am most thankful for is the moment when I was able to bring my Father home from the hospital and reunite my parents. For more than two hours, they simply sat on the couch holding each other like two long lost bookends. Like I said, Thanksgiving arrived early for me this year. There’s so much that I feel thankful for.  

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