From Dr. Jane's Notebook

As the Hair Turns Gray

If the word "October" was not derived from the term "hectic," perhaps it should have been. The onset of autumn has not gone unnoticed this year. Rather, it has seemed like a whirlwind gusting forth and sweeping away all semblance of order bringing with it a whole new routine.

In the effort to keep up with the changes in activity and scheduling, you may have noticed the following trends:

It is at this point, when I can feel the hairs upon my head "deciding" to turn gray. (Sure, its easy for them to turn their back on the front line.)

To re-establish a sense of balance, I recommend these rules of thumb:

October is a month of much activity, but considering that November and December are soon to follow, this is only the beginning. Hold onto your hats! The rollercoaster ride is going again!

ęCopyright 1995, Jane Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.

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