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Still Stressed Out?

There are some very real causes of stress in our lives. Cavepeople felt stress when threatened by their bears; we feel stress when threatened by ours. Stress can be a very accurate reaction to a very real problem, or it can become a bad habit. This month, we'll consider some more ways of managing stress in this new era of tension.

Some time ago, I realized that I was clearly on my way to a wreck if I didn't stop that routine. Realizing that I am very tolerant of people who are five minutes late, I decided to afford myself the same courtesy. Not that being late is a virtue, but it does help to arrive alive. Actually, since affording myself this "five minute window", I've been late less often and more composed when I do arrive.

Say outloud, "this is Monday at 9 a.m. and I am turning off the coffee pot". This outloud message is easier to recall and will give you a definite answer to your question or agonizing thought later on.

We all have a serious job to do when it comes to managing and preventing stress overload. In an age when we have conquered many diseases through remedies or preventive measures, stress remains on the rise. We all owe it to ourselves to reconsider our approaches to this not-so-new-age malady.

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