From Dr. Jane's Notebook

The Lighter Side of Birthdays

Birthdays... we all have them. We all have feelings about them. And they effect us in different ways. As children, we quickly come to know that our birthday is our special day. Not only do we get presents, parties and special attention, but we assume a new level of maturity and self-respect. As we age, however, birthdays can often bring feelings of conflict. Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

As baby boomers approach different decade milestones, we are faced with the challenge of interpreting our birthdays. If its immortality we are searching for, I've found mine in the T.V. series "Star Trek: The Next Generation". Just knowing that there will be Counselors aboard the starships in the 23rd century, known as Betazoids, is a great relief to me. With that in mind, I'll gladly turn 40!

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