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Revival of the Family Meeting

In these very political times, it is useful to consider the notion of family government. Families are, afterall, like small countries. They function on the basis of laws, boundaries and traditions. They are in a constant state of change, based on the ages and stages of their constituents. And it is the ongoing challenge of the leadership, to remain representative of the people and responsive to their needs.

As you consider your family's style of government, I offer the following ideas.

Our family recently held a Family Meeting. The issue: whether to adopt a kitten. New pets are the responsibility of everyone in the family. After everyone had spoken in turn, a vote was taken. The "Kitten Bill" passed unanimously with a "Puppy amendment" being tabled until the Fall.

A family is more than just a group of people who live together. It is a group that depends on each other, who have a shared history together, and who will share future responsibilities and relationships... forever.

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