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Family Activities and Traditions

Pablo Picasso's father was an art teacher, who no doubt was thrilled over his son's artistic leanings. When children show talent or interest in an area, it is a joy to watch that interest unfold. But interests and talents are not predictable, so today's parents may find themselves in a quandry deciding which lessons and organizations to join. To help sort out the decision process, here are a few ideas.

Childhood is a time when children discover who they are, who they can trust, and how to navigate through their lives. It is a time when they learn most easily because they are "open" to learning and less inhibited by self-doubt. Inside each one of our children is a complete human being who just happens to be small, young and inexperienced. Realizing that the events of their lives will shape their growth, we must remember: Everything that happens to them counts!

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