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Teens Need Healthy Adults

Believe it or not, teenagers are a shy group. The media often portrays today's teenagers as boisterous and aggressive, but in my 14 years as a family therapist, I have not found this to be the case. Among peers, kids will be kids; one on one, there's a very sensitive person living inside that growing and changing self. Here's how I read it...

Teenagers are just young adults who will soon move into their independent lives. As parents, it is hard to let go, and hard to watch them trip and fall. We can't always rescue them or prevent their pain, but we can assure them of their ability to achieve and be happy. When we are confident in our children, they learn to be confident in themselves.

Some years ago, I quoted Sandra Maass-Robinson, M.D. as saying, "Ultimately, parenting becomes the wonderfully rare opportunity of assisting in the development of life long friendships with very special people --- your own children". I still agree!

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