From Dr. Jane's Notebook

This Holiday Season...

Its here again! The holiday season is about to take over our lives. Often things get out of control. Gift budgets are exceeded. Nerves are frayed. Holiday cheer never quite meets up to expectations. If you're hoping for a successful holiday season this year, here's some food for thought.

The holidays can be times of fun and joy, or times of loneliness, disappointment and dread. Most of what we dread is that holidays will turn out badly. For this reason, it is important to take control of the holiday season and enter it with a purpose and philosophy.

In short... take hold of the reigns and steer your sleigh in a positive direction. This month can be a time for reliving old traditions or starting new ones. You can decide how and where to spend this important time of the year!

ęCopyright, 1992, 1995, Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.

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