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The Myth of Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling has long carried with it the stigma of "failure". Marriage counseling has been viewed as the "last stop before the lawyer", often as proof that the marriage was unsalvageable. But as so many couples have learned, divorce is not always the best or the easiest answer. As such, this article will attempt to provide a view of marriage counseling as it is practiced today.

As a secondary benefit, going for counseling demonstrates to our children that we are willing to solve problems, rather than just endure them or allow them to destroy the family. Modelling that we are willing and able to solve problems is a gift that we can give our children!

If and when marriage counseling becomes a necessary resource for you, be a wise consumer of these services. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is the National accrediting body for over 8,000 Marriage and Family Counselors. For a referral in North Carolina, call (919) 266-6156. As with any medical or psychological provider, use your own judgement as well to find a therapist with whom you are comfortable and confident.

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