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Talking With Children

Children and Adults speak different languages. They see things from different perspectives, respond to adults with caution, and speak in code with their friends. For this reason, it takes a certain finesse and sincerity to communicate with a child. This article is dedicated to children under 10, and the parents who want to communicate with them.

My son, who is nine, and I love to play board games. I have never developed the "hang" of electronic games, but games such as Monopoly, Life, Scrabble and Checkers, provide us with a world to explore. Sitting on the floor at the same eye level, we can play, talk, compete, change rules by democratic vote, and I can relate stories from my childhood. It is a time of sharing and a time when he can gain mastery and victories. Its a time of encouragement and closeness for both of us.

I'm reminded of the quotation that says "The best thing you can give your child is your time". "Quality Time" isn't just helping with homework... its also fun and play.

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