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Summer: It's Not Too Late

The Race is On! Summer is in its final phase. We've all got to hurry up and relax! This year, I've heard a record number of comments from people about how quickly their summer has come and gone.

I am continually amazed by the effects of the changing seasons. The months of May through August are months of rapid change in the lives of families. This summer, I have witnessed the following phenomena.

All this growth, however, makes it difficult for kids to fit right back into place when they return home. If at first, you don't recognize your children... be patient! Try to respect their new identity, give them space, welcome them and get to know them as you would any stranger! One of the true benefits of this experience is developing independence and self-reliance. If parents are too nurturing afterwards, this "growth" may be lost. Soon enough, your children will return to their former dependent habits.

Summer is a great time to get (back) in shape physically, enhance your home, catch up with yourself, but beware of the time-snatchers that get in the way. Be sure to take time for yourself. You certainly deserve it!

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