From Dr. Jane's Notebook

The Honeymoon: Its Never Too Late

In the beginning, it was relatively simple. "He" met "her" and "they" became a couple. Both had lots of time to spend together and each was the object of the other's undivided attention. How quickly things change.

With the birth of their children, they became not just a couple, but also, parents. Now they had two relationships: spouses and co-parents. While parenthood is wonderful... inside many two-parent families, there's a couple that's being neglected.

Happy spouses are usually happy parents. Unhappy spouses are often miserable at home, at work, with the kids, everywhere. The best way to guarantee the health and safety of your family is to take care of your marriage. Marriage is the foundation of the family. When the foundation is weakened, the entire structure is at risk. Happy Honeymoon!

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