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Child Discipline

Nobody likes to be blamed. Criticism is horrible, and no.... I'm not overly sensitive! When I became a parent, I learned that the scope of things I could be blamed for, now extended to my children. If they weren't perfect, it was obviously my fault. I think I'm not alone in this "sea of guilt." Most parents I know feel those twinges of guilt from "imperfection", whether it be their own or through their extended family guilt-line. What's a parent to do? Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

Self-esteem is a family affair. Our children usually have the same amount of self-esteem as we do! If we have been bullied and shamed in our lives and raise our children in the same way, they will lack self-esteem and pass it on to their children. If however, we respect ourselves and our kids... give them the benefit of the doubt and lots of supportive guidance... we may give birth to a new tradition of self-esteem and tolerance. After all, our children can be our best friends for life. And that's perfect!

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