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Effects of the Gulf War

When I made up my new year's resolutions for 1991, I didn't think that we would go to war in the Persian Gulf. So I didn't really consider the impact that the war would have on our lives during the early part of this year. Only now that our community and nation have begun to adapt to the changing circumstances of recession and military commitments, is it possible to recognize how much we have actually changed.

As a tribute to our military families and families in general, I would like to note a few of the tactics of "Family Survival" that seem to have emerged...

Not long ago, there was an article in the "big paper" that described a wife who had changed a great deal while her husband was away at war. She had become independent, resourceful, brave, assertive and had changed her appearance in a variety of ways. The gist of the article was a warning to her returning husband, that he should accept and respect these changes in his wife. During his absence, she had grown. If they were to reunite successfully, he would have to be flexible in his definition of her.

The lesson to be learned... love must include the ability to be flexible, the capacity for change. Families must include the ability to be flexible, the capacity for change. It is not easy for families to undergo these "tests"... but when we "pass with flying colors", its worth it. Many thanks to our military families for all your strength and flexibility.

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