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You're Not Allowed to Get Sick

Dual career families face a host of challenges when it comes to raising children and managing two careers. Even when employers are understanding and flexible, it takes a concerted effort to manage the fine balancing act of being a top-notch parent, spouse and employee.

In the effort to achieve the near impossible goal of survival under these circumstances, beware of the following pitfalls...

My belief is that if you're going to take the "quality time" route, tell your children "this is your quality time". Otherwise, when you have finished playing all their games, they will continue to say, "Mommy, you never play with me!"

Saundra Maass-Robinson, M.D., was recently quoted as saying, "Ultimately, parenting becomes the wonderfully rare opportunity of assisting in the development of life long friendships with very special people --- your own children". I couldn't more fully agree!

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