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Family Reorganization

Family reorganization occurs whenever there is the loss or gain of a family member. A new birth creates many new relationships and responsibilities. The exit of a family member leaves holes in the family structure. Actually, any loss (for example, retirement, empty nest, illness, etc.) creates a sense of emptiness. When this occurs, it is necessary to reorganize and try to achieve a new sense of family balance.

The best way I know of to re-establish balance is to determine where the imbalance exists. Here are a few thoughts on the matter...

My Father recently expressed the desire to expand his life by finding a perfectly trained five-year old male Golden Retriever to adopt. He and my Mom had never gotten over the loss of their previous dog. When we experience loss, it is scary to make that commitment again. But when "Sam", a perfectly trained five-year old male Golden Retriever, arrived as my Father's birthday gift, it was not hard for them to make room in their lives for this new special family member. The hard part lies in recognizing the desire for change!

Special thanks to the good people of the Triad Golden Retriever Club "Dog Rescue Program", who act as foster families for dogs like Sam.

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