From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Laughing Dreams

Did you know that people have laughing dreams? I didn't... until one evening when our toddler broke into a five-minute roll of laughter... while he was asleep!

Although I have often awoken with residual emotional feelings from dreams, I had never experienced nor read anything about laughing in one's sleep, that is until my unconscious mind got the idea from our son.

It was not too many nights later that I too had a rollicking belly-laugh dream that had me giggling uncontrollably in my sleep. Shortly thereafter, my husband reported the very same thing. He also began having occasional laughing dreams.

What to make of this? Well, when you think about it, our unconscious minds--- the creators of our dreams--- certainly know our particular senses of humor better than anyone else. Why then shouldn't our dreams result in the best of comedies?

Think about it...and you too may find yourself giggling away in the middle of the night sometime. Pleasant dreams!

ęCopyright 1995, Jane Rosen-Grandon, All Rights Reserved

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