From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Thinking About The Holidays

One of the quickest ways to become depressed... is to compare yourself to someone else who you think is smarter, more successful, more attractive etc. Many of us compare ourselves to others and come out feeling miserable. Another way to get depressed is to think about the best holiday you remember, and then realize that it just won't be the same this year! This is a sure-fire way to get ready for disappointment!

Surviving the holidays these days, has become an "art form" from both a personal and financial standpoint. And so, I offer the following thoughts for your consideration...

Many years ago, I noticed that whenever I had great expectations for parties and social times, I was often dreadfully disappointed. But when I had lower expectations for similar events, I was usually surprised and delighted at how well they actually turned out. Because of this trend, I decided to stop expecting everything to be great... and instead to "expect the worst". Call me a pessimist... or an advocate of reverse psychology... but ever since then, I have usually been pleasantly surprised!

My Warmest Wishes for your holidays...however you choose to enjoy them!

ęCopyright, 1989, 1995, Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.

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