From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Hello... Grandma...?

As I think back, my grandparents have been among the most important people in my life. For me, and I believe for them, we had a special bond, which has lasted well beyond their lifetime. Memories of them remain alive in my heart today because of those special connections we made during my childhood.

Today, as a Mother, I find myself in a different position in the family structure. Now, that same special connection is being developed between my parents and my children. Now they are forming a special bond. There are many dimensions to being part of this "sandwich generation", which are described below.

I freely admit that I am too busy! My life moves faster than I can keep up with, and the words "hurry up" are used too often. When this happens, it is hard to find the time to properly communicate everything that goes on in our lives to our family members if they are far away. But, now that my children have learned the fine art of "reach out and touch someone", they have begun to perform this vital function in our family.

Many conversations go something like this... "Hello Grandma. It's Jessie. So what's new with you?"... and together the bridge is built between here and there, and our lives and theirs. Not only do children and grandparents share the ins and outs of their daily experiences, but they're building a love which will last both of their lifetimes.

ęCopyright, 1989, 1995 by Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.

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