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Batter-Up! Ready?

Imagine yourself up at bat. You know the pitcher is ready, but your grip on the bat doesn't feel quite right. What's a batter to do? You could take a chance and hope you hit the ball...or take "time" for yourself, back off from the plate, readjust your hands, and take a step forward when the bat feels just right.

Getting off on the right step, putting your best foot forward, and being adequately prepared...are all essential ingredients in success. Timing can be everything. But we are often caught off-guard or intimidated into hurrying and that can lead to anything from a false start to completely striking out.

September is a time for fresh starts, a new academic year, and setting new goals. From preschoolers entering daycare for the first time, to retirees who are planning for the winter... this is a time of change, and it is the season to pay attention to timing. To get the best possible start, I recommend the following:

Listen to yourself, and trust your gut instincts! Even when you've practiced that speech for your boss, if something tells you to hold back, respect your lack of readiness! More than once, I've counseled individuals who were afraid to back off from the altar, but who in fact were not ready to marry. This can lead to years of regret.

Just as human beings exist on the basis of the 24 hour clock and need to sleep and eat at regular intervals, we have emotional needs for predictability and timeliness. By paying attention to our sense of timing and readiness, we maximize our chances for excellence and success.

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