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Take time to think but don't get distracted

Sometimes we wish our lives away. We may not do this consciously but from time to time, almost all of us wish for the end of the day, for the weekend to arrive, for a child’s stage to be finished, for a semester to be over, or we just wish to be done with a certain event. Then while we wish for the future to hurry up and arrive, we also lament how quickly time flies. Having trouble with time management? Perhaps the way we think has something to do with it. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

For many reasons, it is good to focus on what’s happening now. From time to time, I have been known to trip and fall over my own feet, going down stairs, going up stairs or just walking across a room. Usually this occurs when my body is in motion and my mind is somewhere else. Some folks put down their keys, only to spend hours searching to find them again. Slow down, take time to breathe and pay attention to how funny life can be. From one moment to the next, the world does have quite a sense of humor.

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