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Talking with kids about tragedy

As our country reels from the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many of us are struggling to make sense of this for ourselves, let alone give explanations to our children. Having suffered a certain loss of innocence, we have a nation of children who need competent adults to step up to the plate to help them.  We can all learn better ways to communicate with our kids. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

Dr. Harold Koplewicz of the Child Mind Institute further suggests that we can help children by introducing the concept of resilience. Stories from other traumas, such as 9/11, shift the focus of attention from tragedy to bravery. You can help children feel safer by talking about our nation’s response to 9/11 when people from all over the country rallied to help New Yorkers, when leaders of our country took steps to prevent this from happening again, and as a result, people of all ages became wiser, learned better ways to protect themselves, and found new ways to bounce back from difficult times.

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