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Listen up, Ladies -- How to keep your man

For some of us parents, the time of empty nest is upon us. During the early years of marriage and child-rearing, an endless array of child-centered activities provide a lot of structure for married life. There are always things that need to be done. Sadly, once it all gets done and the kids are launched, if your relationship is lacking, the years of empty nest can find you both childless and single. It is never too early to consider what it takes to fortify your marriage. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

As Baby Boomers retire and refocus their life plans, spouses must recognize that marriages are fragile and cannot be taken for granted. This is a time when if we’re healthy, we are thinking about what to do for the rest of our lives. Once you and your mate get back on the same page and are playing for the same team, the real fun can begin.

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