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The fine art of being a father, dad, daddy

Most fathers would claim that the entire month of June should be devoted to Father’s Day. And why not? Being a father is a year-round and lifelong job when done right.  Some writers now describe the complex role of fathers in terms of decades in their children’s lives. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

Bill Cosby, who has been described as America’s favorite father figure, has written that “…in spite of all the scientific knowledge…the human animal cannot be the most intelligent one on earth because he is the only one who allows his offspring to come back home. Look at anything that gives birth; eventually it will run and hide. …even a mother elephant… and when you consider how hard it is for a mother elephant to hide, you can appreciate the depth of her motivation (1986)”.

Best wishes for Father’s Day… Keep up the good work!

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