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Handling communication, conflict, confrontation

Communication. Conflict. Confrontation. For some folks, these are words that evoke anxiety, avoidance, and anything but confidence. Ironically, one of the first things that babies do to demonstrate their intelligence is communicate what they need and what they want. A baby’s first words are usually met with excitement, pride and relief. Down the road however, problems may arise when what we say as children is met with disapproval. Since we learn to communicate based on how our words are received, painful lessons learned in childhood often follow us into our adult roles and relationships.  Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.


Part of growing up is realizing that everyone has a right to speak and none of us is right all of the time. So even for those who were scolded in childhood and made to feel stupid, coming of age offers a wonderful opportunity to reclaim your intelligence and self-esteem. Each of us is unique. As grown-ups, we can feel proud of our individuality, and proud of the good things that we have accomplished so far!

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