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August: "Get it while you can" before the fall transition

The end of summer provides one last opportunity to do summer things before we begin a new school year or return to work as usual. The month of August is about savoring a bit of personal time and taking time-out from our typical schedules.  In the words of the late Janis Joplin, “get it while you can”. Soon it will be time to help your family make the transition into autumn with all of its demands.  Here are a few thoughts on how to do that.

During these precious years when our children live under our protective shelter, they look to us to help navigate time and prepare them for what lies ahead. Raising children and providing a healthy environment requires structure, flexibility, and quite a bit of backbone. Like most other things, from time to time it is necessary to upgrade the way we do things. We have to establish and re-establish healthy family habits and family routines over and over again when seasons change, when our children change, and whenever we need to evolve as a family.

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