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Dual Career Marriage

Among the great challenges of the twentieth century is maintaining a dual-career marriage. Families in which both spouses work and there are children to be raised know that the greatest problem is shortage of time.

Phrases like... "Let's hurry up and relax" or "Let's spend some quality time together for the next 20 minutes," are dead give-aways of the limit of the 24 hour day. But like all problems, great and small, this only invites our creative imaginations to come up with clever solutions...provided we can stay awake long enough!

I offer the following recipe for a successful dual-career marriage:

It is often said that it takes a lot of effort to make a good friendship. The same is true of marriage. But in a dual-career marriage there is the two-fold need for understanding, encouragement, sharing, and order to make this multi-faceted business and personal endeavor a success.

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