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Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Oh my gosh… Thanksgiving is upon us … already?  Having lived through many Thanksgivings, one would think it happened automatically. In well-organized families, I suppose it is a predictable occasion, but all families experience some amount of change from year to year. New folks join the family, some folks will be absent, new friends may join in your celebration, and everyone will have changed a little or a lot over the course of the year. While it is comforting to re-create rituals from year to year, the key to longevity of family traditions is to blend the new and the old.  Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

                  If I was still in school and was asked what I like about Thanksgiving, I would probably say the following. Thanksgiving is a great American holiday that lasts up to four days, that emphasizes sharing and generosity without gifts, has no religion so we don’t argue about who celebrates it correctly,  people of all ages celebrate the occasion equally well, and it doesn’t require a costume. My very best wishes to all of my readers for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving,

 ---Dr. Jane

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