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Just a little love...

Here it is again.  Like it or not, the month of the Valentine is a time when we think about romance, remember the best part of relationships and often reach into the past in the effort to capture some memory of ourselves at our best. All around us, people are looking to get in relationships or out of relationships. While most desire intimacy, love is difficult to find and even more difficult to sustain. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

In short, there may be a difference between having a relationship and being in a relationship. Simply having a relationship suggests ownership and achieving a certain status regardless of one’s satisfaction. But the essence of being in a relationship suggests a focus on one’s partner, respect for one’s self, and a willingness to care deeply enough to fix the problems that predictably arise in every healthy loving relationship.

 While each relationship is unique, love is difficult and challenging as described in the song lyrics of singer-songwriter, Andy Scott.

Love…. washing over me
Cooling off my soul like a summer’s rain
Eternal flame, Love and pain.
Here I go again falling deep in love
my emotions love and pain.

 Pain… raging over me
Like a hurricane, I am blinded.
Driving me insane, Love and pain
Here I go again falling deep in love
my emotions love and pain.

----Andy Scott (with permission)

©Copyright, 2010, Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.            

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