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Finding your passion

         It’s hard to know what to say on the auspicious occasion of this newspaper’s 30th birthday.  It is really a great accomplishment for any newspaper to serve its community for 30 years.   I have been pleased to be part of Hamburger Square Post family since moving to Greensboro in 1986. Back then, I was punching the typewriter and hand carrying articles, which then needed to be re-typed before publication. Since that time, technology has made articles easier to submit but not necessarily easier to write.  So when I think about what it takes to put together an entire newspaper every month, as Betsy Seale, Editor-in-Chief has done for the past 30 years, I am truly amazed. What does it takes to make a dream, such as hers come true? Here are a few thoughts on the matter.

While life is short, most of us have the opportunity to pursue our goals if we’re willing to persist, be assertive, and seek alternative methods when stumbling blocks get in our way.  Life as we know it is continually changing. Not too many years ago, no one would have believed that most families would have their very own computers, that it would be possible to send documents over telephone lines, and that tiny little cell phones would allow folks to communicate all over the planet. Quite a bit has changed over the past thirty years which leads me to believe we have no way to predict what the next 30 years will bring. Fortunately, the Hamburger Square Post serves as a chronicle of our community, looking back and moving forward. My heart-felt congratulations on a job well done!!

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