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Who turned up the speedometer on life?

            A mere half century ago, life in America was considerably different. Families could survive on the salary of one parent, the work week was approximately 40 hours long, most work was done on the day shift, and many families were accustomed to having breakfast and dinner together. While our society has made much progress over the past five decades, we have also forfeited some of the most pleasant aspects of family life. As we anticipate the next fifty years, here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

Before computers, cell phones and video toys, it used to take two people to play most board games or card games. Before the explosion of television and home movies, most activities required greater interaction between participants. While these technological miracles have revolutionized our lives in wonderful ways, we must not forget that the elementary component of our relationships is each one of us. The fundamental contribution that we have to share with our mates and children is our time. For that… there is no substitute.

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