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Life inside the "sandwich generation"

Learning to take care of aging parents is a big step along life’s developmental highway.  As easy as it may be to help out a little, there comes a time when we must help out a lot. Accepting this responsibility is no small task. Inside each one of us, there may be a little kid who is jumping up and down shouting, “no, I can’t be this old…I’m not ready for all of this responsibility”. Hopefully, when we have recovered from the shock, we will realize that we only get to take care of our parents in their older years if we are lucky enough to still have them in our lives. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

With age and declining health, human development moves in reverse.  As a child, you may recall when Mom or Dad took you to the doctor. Now, before you know it, it will be your turn to take your parent by the hand and escort them to medical care. For many years, Mom or Dad may have done the cooking, shopping for food, and remembered all of your special occasions. Soon it may be your job to step up to the plate. When we were young, we were slow, we had trouble controlling our bodily functions, we wore diapers for a long time, and we depended upon the kindness of others for our physical comfort. If you are lucky, the day will come when it is your job to repay this kindness.

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