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How do you make decisions?

            Decisions, decisions, decisions! Each day is filled with decisions and most of the time; we make good decisions, even excellent ones. But some of our decisions donít work out quite the way we want. I know a lot of people who have made decisions they regret. Maybe they didnít choose the right kind of work, maybe they think they married the wrong person, maybe some error in judgment will affect the rest of their lives. Weíve all made decisions right and wrong. While we canít be right all of the time, maybe itís time to consider how we make decisions. For that, we must understand how we think.

            Again, we canít be right all of the time but itís possible to feel more confident in your decisions when you have covered ďall your basesĒ. Clear thinking is a skill which can be improved. When faced with a difficult decision, try writing down your thoughts along these dimensions. Look inside and outside of yourself, consider the past, consider the future, check your facts and your feelings, and then whenever possible, make your decisions within a time frame which is comfortable for you. Each of us has a lot of decisions to make in life. The real trick is to make your best decision before it gets made for you!

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