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Improve the world one person at a time

            This past year has been memorable. The combination of natural disasters and unpredictable human behavior suggests that we have much work to do to restore a sense of ethics and civility in our lives. We live in a time when children grow up too fast and too few adults provide healthy guidance to our younger citizens. All around us, kids are learning from our examples, good and bad. It is easy to become angry, pessimistic, and bewildered about the future. It is more difficult to think about rebuilding the world in a positive way. The best place to start may be with our selves.

As we look for a pathway back to civility, Daniel Goleman’s concept of Emotional Intelligence offers a rich philosophy for raising emotionally healthy children and improving our own coping skills. “Emotional IQ” refers to healthy decision-making based upon awareness of ourselves, awareness of others, and awareness of our environment. According to Goleman, our EQ is as essential to our survival as our IQ points. As our world continues to change, each of us will face greater challenges. We all need to become more emotionally intelligent. Looking toward the New Year, consider ways that you may wish to change, grow and improve. Who knows? The future of the world may actually depend on you!

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