From Dr. Jane's Notebook

The circle of time

            During my recent trip home to visit my folks, I had a feeling similar to déjà vu. But even more than a sense of having been there before, I found myself beset with memories of previous generations, family events, and the unfolding of genetics over time. Decisions which had always puzzled me as a child began making sense, long standing questions were being answered, and I was acutely aware of the rapid passage of the last 30 years. 

            Years ago, I was advised that the two most important elements of a great wedding were the music and the photography.  “You’ve got to dance and you’ve got to be able to remember your wedding in years to come”.  Recently I was present when my daughter and her fiancé visited my folks to share the excitement of their engagement. Together, we represented three generations of marriage.  Soon my daughter opened the copy of our wedding album which lives on the coffee table. Close by, I found my parents’ wedding album from 1948.  As we reminisced, I realized that before us lay the blueprints of two very beautiful weddings. Everything was right there captured in the photographs. We already have the recipe. All we need to add is our revised version of the family, lots of love, lots of dancing. and of course,  lots of photographs. 

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