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Thanksgiving -- Get a head start on New Year's resolutions

 The month of Thanksgiving reminds us to pause and be thankful. Yet for many, this has been a difficult year. We may have lost loved ones, we may have lost jobs, we may have lost face in our community, and these losses may feel irreconcilable. Fortunately, one of the miracles of life is that over time, human beings have the remarkable ability to recover from loss, regain their sense of optimism, and move forward. While it helps to be thankful for life’s resilience, it is also wise to consider making a few important changes. To improve your life and your relationships, I recommend getting a head start on some New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few suggestions.

Realistically speaking, some aspects of life are clearly beyond our control, but many other aspects of our lives are within our control. We can be grateful that not all of life’s burdens are resting upon our shoulders and we can be thankful for opportunities to correct our mistakes when they are made. We can be thankful for our ability to make our own choices most of the time, and thankful that we are able to meet most of our own needs. Accepting that none of us is perfect makes it easier to forgive others and easier to forgive ourselves when we fail to meet our own expectations. Thanksgiving and other holidays which will follow during the coming months are excellent opportunities to repair injured relationships and rebuild trust. When we let go of old hostilities, we unburden ourselves. By letting go of old pain, even hearts that have been broken can develop a new lease on life.

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