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The new school year offers a clean slate for all of us

In a few short weeks, summer will come to a close and a new school year will begin. To start the school year off right, there are many wonderful ancient traditions such as buying new school supplies, wearing a new outfit on the first day of school, and having a new pair of shoes. But best of all, I like the tradition of the “clean slate”… that extraordinary opportunity for a fresh start. Actually, I think that each one of us should be entitled to a clean slate and a new batch of self-confidence at the beginning of the new school year, regardless of when we graduated. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

 Today’s children witness problems far beyond the scope of what children ought to see. Fortunately or unfortunately, their responses will reflect what they learn at home. Some children, like their parents, will learn to throw temper tantrums, to strike out at others, or react to problems by turning to drugs and alcohol. Other kids, like their parents, will learn to volunteer to help their neighbors and those less fortunate, they will learn how to pull together through hard times, and they will learn creative ways to solve problems. There is no doubt that we live in difficult times. And while we cannot help our children solve all of their problems, we can offer them our love and emotional support and at this time of year, we can remind them of that time-honored tradition of the “clean slate”.

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