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Brush up on your decision-making skills

            Life is a series of decisions which we make on a moment to moment basis. Some are easy and automatic; others are difficult and perplexing. Eventually, our decisions string together and become life directions. To help us make these decisions, we are equipped with instincts, intelligence, experiences and intuition, all of which are available for our use. For those who wish to brush up on their decision making skills, consider the following sources of information.

            It is difficult to make good decisions. We learn certain guidelines from our families; others from our own experiences. But as we mature, old habitual ways of making decisions may need revising. With increasing maturity, we can learn to trust our own perceptions and be less influenced by guilt or pressure from others. A good place to start is by listening to that still, small voice within you that is based upon all of your life experiences. When your unconscious mind speaks know that it speaks with your very best interest at heart. Through trial and error, we become the true experts about our experiences. Making decisions that are right for us is a precious freedom and a personal reward for our efforts.

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