From Dr. Jane's Notebook

That permanent experience of parenthood

Who would have thought that having a baby was so complicated? Who would have thought that the decisions we make on a daily basis would have such lifelong implications for our children? Who knew that each bump in the road and each turn could have a lifelong impact? On behalf of my cohort, I believe that most baby-boomers have tried to make good decisions on behalf of their children. We tried to right the wrongs which were done to us as children, and make our children strong where we were weak. We responded and reacted in the ways we thought best. Whether your children are young or fully grown, here are a few thoughts on raising children.

            For years, on a daily basis, parents are faced with non-stop decisions to make for their children. Then, at some point, it becomes time to let go. We have to let go of that remote control we think we have over them, and let them make their own decisions. Ironically, just when we’ve gotten used to responding alongside of them to all the pushes and pulls of life, we have to learn to let go and learn to let them make their own decisions… a task easier said than done. But the time will come when they will stand on our shoulders and look for ways to improve the planet in their own way.  It will be their turn to be the generation in control and their turn to be the generation in charge.

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