From Dr. Jane's Notebook

While I don't like getting old, I think of the alternative

The good news is that modern medicine allows many of us to live longer. The bad news is that with longevity comes a variety of additional worries and challenges. Developmental psychologists inform us that the senior years are a challenging phase of life, which involves shifting gears, a change in our concerns, and letting go of previous attachments. It is also a time for grown children to learn how to “parent their parents” and return the caring favors they received while growing up. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

            Learning the role of caregiver is not an easy job. The task is a delicate one in which we must become interested but not insulting.  Seniors fear the loss of their independence, competence and self-confidence.  Skilled caregivers must learn the fine art of helping, without damaging the integrity of those they care for.

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