From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Who's watching the kids?

I’m afraid that many of our kids are in trouble. I call them “our kids”  in hopes that more adults will begin to realize that all of us are parents to the many children of our society. All of us are the role models for the next generation of adults. That means that  28% of our American population, who are ages 18 and younger, are looking to us for guidance in how to succeed in our families, our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces.

            Please allow me a senior moment: I remember a time when boys and girls “dated”.  This custom involved a phone call on the family telephone, an invitation, some amount of parental approval of the plan, and young men ringing the doorbell prepared for an inspection by the family. Traditions and customs have changed a great deal over the past several decades. While change can be very good, many of us have lost sight of our children and they have been left with some pretty confusing messages.

            It is true that each of us sees the world through our own eyes. But perhaps we need to see the world through our children’s eyes. What are they learning from our behavior? Are we demonstrating the level of ethics we want to see in them? If we want our kids to: “do as we say”, we must also be willing to stick to the guidelines. Our kids are depending upon us for a healthy future. This may be a good time to take inventory of what we are teaching them.

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