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Mentors: resource for success

Webster defines a mentor as “an experienced and trusted friend and adviser”, a term which originated in the tales of Homer’s Odyssey. Throughout my life, I have been privileged to come under the influence of several different mentors. These unique individuals who took me under their wing might have started out as my teachers, scout leaders, neighbors, relatives or supervisors; but each became much more when they taught me things I really needed to know. Regardless of how it begins, the relationship between a mentor and mentee is unique in that it is mutual, voluntary, respectful, and results in the handing down of wisdom… and that makes it priceless.

People often remark that they wish they had more time to help others. Most who have volunteered in the past know that when we give of ourselves, we also receive! Healthy relationships between young people and more seasoned adults are one way in which we can all give something back to our community. In the big picture, the future of our society will depend upon how we each behave, since we are constantly setting an example for the generation which will follow in our footsteps. The best way I know to insure our future is to extend a helping hand to others. I’m absolutely certain that every one of us has something positive and valuable to contribute to our world. Why not pass it along!

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