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Baby Boomers: Where do we stand?

Baby Boomers have been referred to as the “sandwich generation”. This designation describes being simultaneously caught between the needs of our parents, the needs of our children, and our own needs. As the generation of “medium age”, we are often the “glue” which holds the family “bread” together. This is a difficult, but not hopeless task. Baby Boomers have long been in the position of solving  “cutting edge” problems but the world is changing rapidly. To stay on top of things, we need every bit of  knowledge and insight we can get to keep up with this changing society and to keep our little “family sandwiches” together. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

The old expression, “work smarter, not harder” is a useful motto for aging Baby Boomers. When companies “down-size and right-size”, workers often find themselves out of a job with no advanced notice. This reality cautions us to diversify our abilities, avoid depending upon a single source of income, and develop a method for coping with career change ahead of time. Research on retirement has long suggested the  value of avocational interests and finding ways to structure free time. Pursuing hobbies, interests and other talents helps reduce stress and frequently provides a segway into a career of its own. When it comes to survival,  additional knowledge and training make us more valuable in the job market, and more capable of  self-employment.  

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