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This summer… Challenge Yourself!

The best and quickest way I know of to raise your self-esteem…. is to learn something new. Learning almost anything will make you feel instantly smarter. Pick up a magazine, read an article and you will instantly feel better informed!

The best and quickest way I know of to increase your sense of self-worth… is to challenge yourself to accomplish something. While there are always new challenges available, sometimes its best to resume former activities just to show yourself that you can still do it! Some people choose to return to school, some resume athletics, others relearn how to play musical instruments.

The point is that staying active and challenged, keeps us interested in life. While lack of interest is a sign that we are depressed. It is all too easy to become depressed and begin to age prematurely. To stave off this blight, I recommend that we challenge ourselves to stay involved with life. With another summer upon us, this is the perfect time to re-examine our way of staying alive. Here are a few more thoughts on the matter.

When I think of all the summers I have experienced, I am struck by the ever-renewing cycle of life; how it changes and how it stays the same. As a child, time seemed to move too slowly. It always took forever for summer to get here, but then summer was like an oasis of long days and long months between school years. As a young adult, the pace of life seemed to speed up. Summer months became shorter but still they formed a distinct bridge between May and September. Now, as a seasoned adult, the summer months whirl by so quickly through the years, I feel like I have to slow down in order not to miss them. So….how are you going to make this summer special?

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