From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Thinking of Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving may pose a challenge to even the most optimistic among us. Terrorist attacks and our return to war have changed the basic way we think. Americans have been forced to realize that we are not alone in the world, that we have enemies on the planet, and that we can no longer afford to take life and freedom for granted. Given these circumstances, parents and grandparents who traditionally say a few words of welcome before the feast begins, are encouraged to give their words some thought before hand. Why? Because there is more at stake than one might guess. Consider the following ramifications.

As our world becomes more and more complex, our children will need better instructions on how to take care of themselves, how to make good decisions, manage conflict, and support a family of their own. And if we want our children to successfully reside in this world, it will be our job to teach them the values and skills they will need to peacefully and respectfully share the planet with others. So, as you make this year’s Thanksgiving plans, remember that holidays are very special times for our children. Later on in life, you can bet that they will remember each holiday... usually with embarrassing accuracy! (Note to my own family: "Enough jokes about the burned yams, guys!"). My best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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