From Dr. Jane's Notebook

Winter doesn’t have to be the coldest season

As April arrives and we begin to emerge from winter, I feel a bit like the groundhog wanting to peek out from my private world to see what I can see. As with most winters, the past few months have been hard for many of us. I know people who have lost their jobs, lost their loved ones, lost their money in the stock market, and lost their feeling of stability. Times like these shake us from our comfortable lives and remind us that we are lifelong explorers, often headed for the unknown. Times like these also remind us not to take love for granted.

In short, we should not be surprised when we see our spouses changing and growing. Rather, the goals of marriage should be to grow together and encourage each others’ personal development. The key to lifelong love lies in nurturing the love and friendship that created your original attraction. The desire for love, admiration and support are lifelong!

©Copyright, 2001, Jane R. Rosen-Grandon. All rights reserved.

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