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Mom & Dad: Home Alone After All These Years

At least once a day, someone asks how I am coping with Empty Nest Syndrome. I am extremely fortunate to have two children away from home at college. How am I doing? I’m not sure, but these are some things I’ve thought of recently.

To insure that your baby bird will take flight easily and successfully, reassure your child about the value of their studies and make sure they don’t suffer from guilt either about the cost of school or any guilt associated with leaving home. Their studies and this time away from the family will pay off in the long run.

Lastly, I have learned that both mama birds and papa birds are emotional when it comes to their children. Whenever my children are far away, I get the sensation that our invisible umbilical cord is being stretched much further than it was meant to reach. At one time, I thought that the umbilical cord was a "mama bird" thing. But lately I’ve come to realize that papa birds feel the very same way. What do mama birds and papa birds do in the nest once the baby birds are all gone? Well, one thing you can do is fall back in love with each other again. It is possible to miss your kids without feeling lonely.

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