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Vacations: Make Sure the Livin' is Easy

On my, summer is here! Its time to realize the unique and short-lived opportunity which is upon us to get some rest, relaxation, and family enjoyment. Summer vacations offer both parents and children a much needed opportunity to de-stress and regenerate their energy levels.

For those who are planning a family vacation, the following is a "refresher course". Most of all, family vacations should be an opportunity for all to relax and be playful.

I am old enough to remember when summers were long, protected periods of time. Each summer was like an oasis in the year, and every summer was unique. As a frantic adult, it is easy to forget the true value of summer. What’s more, as one who has a hard time relaxing, I have come to realize that whenever I am most in need of a vacation, I am least likely to think I need time off. For many of us, the summer is rapidly flying by. Before its too late, take time to slow down!

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