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Loving Marriages

Last month, I began describing the results of my recent study of marital satisfaction in 200 first-time marriages. This research revealed three key characteristics of satisfying marriages. Marriages must be sufficiently loving; they must be sufficiently loyal; and spouses must be satisfied in the areas of parenting and religion. In this column, we will look at one of these components --- loving marriages.

This study also showed that while loving relationships are important to marital satisfaction, satisfaction with love is not enough! Relationships must be sufficiently loving, and they must be sufficiently loyal. Without loyalty, even the most loving couple cannot achieve marital satisfaction.

The research described here was conducted as part of my dissertation, "The relationship between marital characteristics, marital interaction processes, and marital satisfaction". I am grateful to Dr. Jane E. Myers and other faculty members at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for their guidance, support and encouragement on this project.

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